Advantages of renewable energy

Advantages of renewable energy

In this increasingly polluted world, more and more renewable energy resources such as solar and wind energy were utilized to replace energy resources like fossil fuels that cause adverse effects to the planet which eventually lead us to global warming.

Moreover, the numerous benefits they have in them had successfully shaped them into a very important element that could assist us in restoring this no longer clean habitat.

Advantages of renewable energy:

1. Environmentally friendly

– Unlike the combustion of fossil fuels, which emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide that absorbs heat energy in the atmosphere that contributes to global warming, renewable energy like tidal and solar energy does not release harmful gases to the environment.

2. Renewable

– Simply by knowing from the title, they are totally renewable which means they will not run out and will always be replenished.

This shows that they are more reliable than fossil fuels which are harder to obtain and expensive as well.

3. Easily accessible

– Most renewable energy resources can be easily obtained even by underprivileged people in poorer countries, for example,

sunlight that can be captured during the day using solar panels whereas fossil fuels require bulky and sophisticated machines to extract them.

4. Save money

– Although the installation fee of a windmill or solar panels can be expensive in the first place, in the long run, these methods of harnessing clean energy are actually cheaper as they have lower maintenance costs and sunlight, wind, waves are free!

5. Better for our health

– Using renewable energy does not emit sulfur dioxide, for instance, which is an acidic gas that causes lung damage and react to form acid rain that kills fish and damages buildings.

Furthermore, carbon monoxide may also be produced during incomplete combustion which accounts for oxygen starvation.

6. Safer

– Accidents such as explosion and meltdown are more likely to occur when we are dealing with non-renewable energy resources.

On the other hand, the chances of accidents happening are much lower when harnessing renewable energy therefore it is safer for the people.

7. Open up more job opportunities and businesses

– More jobs would emerge regarding the installation of the rigs and more in the country.

For example, products like solar streetlights branching out from various renewable energy actually create more businesses for the people.

Eventually, this will boost economic growth as the employment rate would be increased.

8. Alternatives for the countries

renewable energy

– With renewable energy resources. countries would have more options and wouldn’t just rely on fossil fuels.

This clean energy also significantly helps to meet the increasing power demands nowadays.

Iceland, China, Denmark, USA, Germany and more are all excellent examples that efficiently utilize renewable energy resources over the globe.

An investigation conducted by Stanford University inferred that in 20 to 40 years,

everything is going to be run by renewable energy and by starting to implement simple devices powered by renewable energy in your own neighborhood, it could bring a beneficial impact to the environment.

We have the technology, we know that it is just a matter of time and we know that it must be one of the most effective ways of saving the blue planet.

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