How Much Green Energy Is Actually Being Consumed

How Much Green Energy Is Actually Being Consumed

According to, “green energy comes from natural resources.”

As a renewable energy source, they are created with finite materials like fossil fuels. We have to protect the environment with resources like green energy.

Green energy is an environmentally-friendly initiative.

Customers don’t have to worry about features like solar panels by utilizing natural resources.

In fact, green energy is a resource that can be used by both individual customers and businesses.

The following blog posts discuss how much green energy is being used by the Earth’s inhabitants.

How Much Of The Earth Uses Green Energy

 Green Energy Is Actually Being Consumed

There’s approximately 22 percent of green energy in the world.

More people are taking a look at green energy to save money and protect the environment.

However, there is enough green energy in the world to power every house for a year.

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) says; “that more people have to use green energy if the environment is expected to sustain itself for future generations.”

In 2018, 3 percent of all global mixed energy was powered by wind, but how many households were actually using it as a green energy resource?

We’ve put together a few statistics about current green energy resources.


Wind turbines are being used by 8 percent of the American population.

Most people are using the wind to power their homes with electricity. Wind in large shares can be a great natural resource.

Many people refer to it as hydroelectricity that is formed with biomass material also.

In fact, wind is one of the most valuable green energy resources in the energy network.


Harnessing the sun has been the primal geothermal green energy source.

Though not as durable as energy from wind, many people are currently using 38 percent of the green energy produced by the sun.

Fortunately, the sun contains a large amount of untapped energy that can be an asset to humans, animals, and plants.

A single small meter of sunlight after it passes through the atmosphere is still enough to power a single individual laptop or PC.

The sun also serves as the Earth’s predominant green energy source. Many customers are using green energy as a source of electricity.

More importantly, the sun serves as an affordable green energy source that’s being used by many businesses and residences across the nation.

Other Green Energy Resources:

  • coal
  • oil
  • compressed natural gas
  • fossil fuels
  • hydropower
  • waves

The global electricity generation is expected to increase by 41 percent by 2041.

More people are committing to cleaner air by utilizing green energy resources for their home or business.

Green energy is expected to be used in more areas including transportation.

The truth is; “there is a considerable amount of green energy in the world, but more people are going to have to tap into it for it to have a positive impact on the environment.

Whether reclaiming the energy from the sun or trying to harness the wind to power impoverished communities, green energy continues to be a valuable resource to protect the environment and purify the air we breathe.

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