Why Renewable Energy?

Why Renewable Energy

There are several reasons why renewable energy is a superior choice for humanity to use in the future, for both the environment and the people living in it.

Here are some reasons to consider when comparing it to the use of fossil fuels.

Renewable Energy Helps the Fight Against Climate Change

Over recent years, the conversation about climate change has come into the public consciousness.

Many individuals are now concerned about their carbon footprint. Scientists warn that we will reach a ‘point of no return if we don’t act soon.. A big contributor to helping combat this is renewable energy.

A renewable resource such as wind or solar power is cleaner for the planet because it does not rely on emitting harmful greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide or methane into the atmosphere.

This, in turn, helps prevent damage to the ozone layer, which is the layer of molecules that protects the earth from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

Renewable Energy Doesn’t Run Out

Fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas are finite resources. Even if they were not harmful to the Earth, humanity will still eventually run out of these fuels. Renewable energy is an indispensable part of developing a self-sustaining energy system for the entire planet.

As the name implies, renewable energy sources will naturally replenish themselves, or there is so much of it (i.e. water, solar power) that we can never possibly use it up. Switching to using renewable energy is an essential part of securing the future of this world.

Renewable Energy Improves Public Health

Why Renewable Energy

Air pollution can have a major effect on public health, especially in developing nations such as China and India.

The microscopic airborne pollutants caused by fossil fuels when inhaled over the long term can lead to many negative effects on the body.

When they enter the circulatory or respiratory system, they can result in a person’s lungs aging prematurely, as well as other impacts on the heart and brain, The UN considers air pollution to be a human rights violation.

As a clean source of power, this is another reason why renewable energy can help contribute to a better quality of life for people across the globe and also lift the burden on national healthcare systems.

How Animals Benefit From Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can help combat the effects on the lives of both wild and domesticated animals.

With non-renewable sources having such a negative effect on the climate, extremely hot and cold conditions can cause heat stress for both pets and livestock.

For wild animals, the pollutants from non-renewable sources can destroy their natural habitats and make it hard to access clean food and water.

Oil spills can also have a disastrous effect on sea creatures. Renewable energy helps reduce the suffering of all sentient beings on the planet, not just humans.

Renewable Energy is Becoming The Cheaper Option

Renewable Energy

As well as being environmentally friendly, economic benefits are increasingly becoming one of the reasons why renewable energy is the best option to use.

Because of the increasing environmental concern, investments are steadily increasing in renewable energy resources.

Solar, wind, and hydropower are rapidly becoming competitively priced compared to their fossil fuel alternatives, while hydroelectricity leading to the cheapest energy source for electricity in the world today.

In conclusion, there are many different reasons why renewable energy is the best choice for everyone. Whether the concern is being healthy, animal welfare, or the future of the planet.

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